Big Question: Do Women Really Still Think They Need to Be Man-Reliant?

“A woman cannot be alone. She has to have a man to support her and protect her in the world.” My mother said this to me two nights ago, and I was honestly flabbergasted. The idea that my single mother, who has been divorced for over 30 years, still believes to this day that a woman cannot survive in the world without a man by her side, astonishes me.

In class we viewed the documentary High School, which was set in 1969- a year after my mother graduated from her own high school. In the documentary, I saw several examples of women being informed on the reality of society: that marriage discourages promiscuity and that women cannot have real dreams as they will be deemed “unreasonable”; this was the society that my mother was a product of (High School). But that society was 40 years ago- 40 years in which I honestly believe this view has changed. The society that exists now allows for the success and life of a woman to no longer depend on if she exists on the arm of a man. Women do have the ability to become prosperous and content with their lives even if there is no man there to protect her or support her.


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