Breaking the Stereotype… of Beer Commercials

This afternoon I came across a video about a new Guinness beer commercial.  I  expected nothing short of the usual – something fairly humorous, possibly sexual, and likely full of very attractive women (housewives) who were gladly serving their couch-ridden-foam-finger-wearing  husbands a nice tall (manly) beer.  I was completely wrong.  This commercial has received attention for sending out a completely different message than those of other beer commercials.  It depicts a group of men in wheelchairs playing an intense game of basketball, after which all but one of the men stand up; they were using the chairs to include their friend.  The commercial then ends with a scene of all the men sitting around a table drinking beer together.  I thought it was wonderfully daring that a beer commercial made the switch from basic advertising techniques (women and sex) to instead portraying men as more respectful, brotherly, and sensitive.  Does anyone else think that this was a great commercial in that it doesn’t objectify women or portray men as dominant and sexual? Any other takes on it?


One thought on “Breaking the Stereotype… of Beer Commercials

  1. jessmcphillips

    I think this is a great commercial because, while it breaks the stereotype of beer commercials with its lack of oversexualized women, it also shows men in a better light. Beer commercials that feature “very attractive women (housewives) who were gladly serving their couch-ridden-foam-finger-wearing husbands” (loved that description, by the way!) are showing men and women in a negative light. I think that both males and females deserve to be portrayed in a positive light in commercials, and this Guinness does a fine job of showing how caring and supportive men are.


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