Yoplait-Is it so good?

I recently saw this Yoplait commercial while watching tv, and after a moment thinking back, I realized I couldn’t recall a single Yoplait commercial that featured a man as the primary consumer of the product.

(Recent Yoplait Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC0pseknG7I)

I checked on Youtube to see if maybe there was one that I missed when it was advertised, but all I could find was this commercial (that actually made the male in it look silly):


It turns out that most of the Yoplait commercials I looked up after this featured women (and sometimes their daughters) as the primary consumer of this yogurt.

(See also:



I understand that Yoplait primarily targets women for their products because they promote weight loss and healthy eating, two concerns that are stereotypically women’s problems, stemmed from societal pressure to look attractive at all times.  The question I want to raise, however, is in regards to men.  Don’t men also worry about their weight and want to eat healthy? I assume so, even if it is to a lesser degree than women.  But would a man who is interested in buying healthy snacks want to buy Yoplait if he only ever sees ads with women eating it? Subconsciously, he might reject Yoplait because it is too ‘feminine’ a product for him to buy.  Do you think Yoplait should feature men as primary consumers in some of their ads, or  show a male and female enjoying the yogurt together?


One thought on “Yoplait-Is it so good?

  1. colleenkase91

    I definitely think that men worry about weight and body image, often just as frequently as many women do. I also think that the lack of advertising of “healthy” products to men and men’s discomfort addressing weight concerns publicly is a vicious cycle. However, since weight concerns are considered a feminine issue, I think men who struggle with them can be even more negatively affected since they feel unmanly and may not feel comfortable discussing the issue.


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