Because apparently women still don’t understand those pesky computer thingies…


This Samsung ad was leaked onto YouTube a couple months ago and has quickly come to be known as one of the worst commercials ever. Not only is the overall acting terrible, but the ad portrays the female customer as stereotypically as possible. The ad begins by focusing on what the three people use their computers for. Both men mention managing or transferring files for work, while the women only uses the computer in relation to her children. This sets the common precedent that women are the subordinates who focus on the family and home life while men are the dominant workforce. Later, when each person is handed the new tech device the men are seen to be excited and immediately know how to use it. In contrast, the woman looks dumbstruck until a pop-up condescendingly informs her that its as simple as playing with little toy bricks. When she finally gets it to work she says “it’s so easy to use, look at what I’ve done,” informing us that even a woman could use this simple tech device. ¬†Based on the sexist nature of the ad I would assume that the target audience is not women, but instead tech savvy men. Or at least men who want to appear more tech savvy than the woman in the commercial.

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