Who’s vodka?

This Skyy Vodka ad begins in a sexual manner, as the first scene suggestively shows a man riding in a dimly lit elevator with two beautiful women in skimpy clothing.  They are hanging onto him as if they “cannot think of [themselves] without man,” and are only defined as “relative to him,” as noted by Beavoir (33).  The man (dressed in professional attire) then strides into a club and claps his hands with god-like power, making lights turn on and dancers degrade themselves by grinding on men.  The ad focuses on shots of the women’s butts, legs, lips, and breasts, but rarely show her entirety at one time, objectifying her to pieces and once again showing that woman is “not regarded as an autonomous being” (33).   Interestingly enough, the vodka itself isn’t even mentioned by brand until later on, but promotes the idea that the vodka is provided for only the best and most powerful (in this case, men).  The ad made me believe that the audience is clearly male, as it depicts man’s dominance (hand claps) and success (sexy women by his side), sending the message that man instantly gets what he wants because he is male, and therefore respected and powerful.

de Beauvoir, Simone. “The Second Sex: Introduction.” Feminist Theory Reader: Local and Global Perspectives. Ed. Carole R. McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim. New York: Routledge, 2003. 32-40. Print.


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