Big Question: Is full range sexual pleasure a birth right?

In Fausto-Sterling’s Should There Be Only Two Sexes she mentions the case of Cheryl Chase. Chase who had a complete clitorectomy, has devoted her life to “changing the practice of early genital surgery” in hopes that “others may not be denied the possibility of full range of sexual pleasure that she sees as a human birthright.”

When thinking about if having the capability to experience full sexual pleasure is a birth right, a comparison to food came in to my mind. Food is a basic necessity all humans are entitled to and need for survival, but we are not all therefore automatically entitled to gourmet desserts such as chocolate cake. Likewise, all humans should be granted the ability to be sexually pleasured to some degree but that does not necessarily include orgasms– or does it?

In my opinion full range sexual pleasure is a privilege as opposed to a right. As we’ve been discussing in class not everyone has the same privileges (male privilege, white privilege etc). I think of full range sexual ability and orgasms in the same respect– sexual privileges.


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