Perpending Privilege

What is privilege? Privilege is a special right or advantage granted to a certain group of people not based on personal merit, but based merely on something they cannot control, such as race, class, sex, or gender. Multiple studies have shown that in childhood, boys receive more money than girls for doing the same chores. “Masculine” chores such as mowing the lawn net more money than traditionally feminine chores Most likely, the majority of parents are not consciously deciding to pay their girls less. However, subconsciously, they have come to value the labor of males more than the labor of females. This is privilege at work.

Most people with privilege do not realize that they have it. Many men claim that they cannot possibly be sexist because they have sisters, implying that they can sympathize with women more because they grew up with one. However, one of the studies found that men who grew up with sisters actually tend to do less housework than their spouses and are also more socially conservative.

Having privilege is not a crime, but those with privilege need to recognize the advantages they enjoy and try to equalize the playing field, as the privileges they have were not gained from personal merit.

Chemaly, Soraya. “Even Little Kids Have a Wage Gap.” Salon. Salon Media Group, Inc., 15 Aug. 2013. Web. 14 Sept. 2013.


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