The Morning After Post-It


(The Post-It note Says “Jade” the girls name)

Earlier this week I came across the ad I have shown above. Generally, when I think about sexist ads I think about lingerie or cleaning supplies commercials. Sexism has become so socially acceptable that it is now even apparent in ads for office supplies.

What bothers me most about this ad is that all women are depicted as interchangeable. As long as they are willing to have sex who cares what their name is, right? Wrong. Women are good for more than sex, contrary to this ad’s suggestion. The objectification of women in this ad, and many others, is detrimental to a female’s psyche. I realize that advertising agencies think that “sex sells” but is using sex to sell a product worth affecting the way girls around the world see themselves? I think not. Overtime, these sexist print ads and commercials creep their way into women’s brains and begin to affect their choices and their sense of self-worth.


2 thoughts on “The Morning After Post-It

  1. doyoucanoe

    I agree that this ad affects women’s choices and sense of self worth. The ad objectifies women and makes them seem interchangeable, as you said. The ad demonstrates how our culture views women as in relation to men. The ad not only impacts the way women perceive themselves, it also affects how men perceive their own gender roles. The sticky note on the woman’s forehead implies that the man sleeps with different women all the time and thus needs a tool to keep track of all their names. This perpetuates misogyny, as it contributes to men’s perceptions of women as sex objects. Men often try to act like they don’t care about women, as it is not “manly” to express emotions, especially those of love and tenderness. This ad reinforces the belief held by many men, that it is manly and admirable to have meaningless sex with multiple partners.


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