What’s wrong with a little help?

In this TrueCar advertisement, women are portrayed as needing more assistance in the car-buying process than men. According to a poll taken on AutoBlog.com, many women have found this commercial sexist, largely due to the last statement, “I don’t need to bring a dude with me.”

I find that this commercial is not sexist at all and in no way belittling. Instead, I see it as a great example of how there are differences between men and women, in today’s society, that have to be accepted (at least, for now). Is it not generally the case that the current male car consumer population was raised by society to have a passion for cars? and women for dolls? Wouldn’t that consequently facilitate the car-buying process for men? TrueCar could be acknowledging this idea (as hinted by the commercial’s opening: “LET’S TALK TRUTH.”) and could very well want to even out the playing field. In fact, I find the commercial slightly empowering, also noting the last statement. Women can shop for cars on their own, and TrueCar has made it simple for them! I also want to point out that there are many things that can easily be viewed as sexist, but it’s a feminist’s job to recognize what is actually demeaning. This ad, in my opinion, is not.

AutoBlog poll:

One thought on “What’s wrong with a little help?

  1. Andre Rosario

    I think that the gender difference underlying this commercial is not that men are more familiar with cars than women. The issue here is not that women don’t know cars. It’s a problem of not knowing the car buying process.

    Negotiating for a car can be difficult. Dealerships exploit decision-making heuristics and fallacies to close their deals. There are also many legal and insurance policies that buyers need to be familiar with. Men also need to navigate these difficulties, not just women.

    Also, men may have more of a passion for mechanics and racing, but women also like cars. They also obviously need them to drive themselves places.

    This commercial doesn’t target women because women have more trouble making these decisions. This commercial targets women, assuming the stereotype that women, especially Asian women, can’t drive well.

    Although it may seem empowering that women can now walk into dealerships alone with the knowledge that TrueCar affords them, the ad obviously exploits the stereotype. There are women who can drive well. And we can expect women and feminists to criticize this commercial for being another message in the media reinforcing a blanket stereotype.


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