“Women drivers, no survivors”

Lately, I’ve been driving around some of my friends (male of course) who always seem to yell out “Women drivers, no survivors” when someone chooses to cut me off causing my to break immediately. 
I wonder, where and how did this stereotype come from? I have seen far worse drivers who were males than i’ve seen females. 

Watching this Allstate commercial, though I must say all of them are quite humorous, “Mayhem” is driving a light pink Dodge SUV. The first thing he makes clear is that he is a “typical, teenage girl.” (S)he is driving with the cellphone in his (her) hand and it continues to go off. (S)he immediately finds out that his (her) BFF kissed Johnny, but it’s a problem because (s)he likes johnny, too. “Mayhem” states that (s)he is now emotionally compromised and swerves into a parked car’s bumper. 

I find that this commercial portrays females in a demeaning way. We are viewed as beings that are emotional, reckless, and crazy. I don’t deny that teenagers are reckless when driving, but the commercial makes it clear that it is a female who is driving; The pink car, the use of acronyms (OMG) out loud, and the judgmental cattiness remark of her best friend who is “not even hot.” On that note, we are not all crazy, and we certainly are not all bad drivers! 


Lorber, Judith. Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology. Ed. Estelle Disch. 4. 2006.



One thought on ““Women drivers, no survivors”

  1. sunnystirewalt23

    Watching this Allstate commercial reminded me of my family. Every Saturday night my parents go out to dinner with my aunt and uncle and every time parents come home I hear my uncle yell “I still need to buy you driving lessons! WOMAN DRIVER!” I never really stopped to think about his innocent comment, I always just laughed along and forgot about it. In all honestly, I have been in the car with both of my uncle and my mom and they are both average drivers, I would not say one was necessarily a better driver than the other.

    An article on The Daily Beast analyzed certain categories of people that are worse drivers than others. Number 2 says that Males aged 18 to 20 are nearly seven times more likely to drink and drive than are females aged 18 to 20.

    So then….Why are women always perceived as being horrible drivers!?
    *Is it because women are basket cases and men are incapable of emotion?
    *Is it because women should rely on men to protect them?
    *Is it because women are inferior to men?

    Unfortunately, society poses questions like these when there is a stigma circling around a specific group of people, whether that group of people is a particular gender, race, religion, or another type of categorization.

    Rufus, Anneli. “America’s Worst Drivers.” 2011.


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