Dove’s Real Campaign

In 2004, Dove launched its Real Beauty Campaign.  Since, the thought provoking brand has maintained its mission to put real women, whose physiques often fit outside of the stereotypical norms for what beauty is considered, in front of the camera.  The advertisements shown are those which empower women and bolster an inner confidence.  Similar, to the article on Genderless Children when Beck Laxton (Parent to Sasha) says, “All I want to do is make people think a bit.” Dove expressed that they want to start discussion and encourage debate.

In the video I have selected, there are six people, chosen from within the Dove organization, who express why they are beautiful.  While I applaud the efforts Dove is making in breaking down social barriers, I do have some subtle critiques about this particular ad.

First, is the slow playing (essentially depressing) background music.  The image portrayed, to me, is not a very enthusiastic one.  Why can’t we be beautiful with vibrancy? The music lulls me to sleep in the minute and thirty seconds of the videos duration.  Secondly, my biggest issue is that the man concludes the video with his reason for why women are beautiful.  Ironically enough, in a video that is supposed to alleviate socially constructed norms, the director’s final decision was to end this ad with the male’s opinion.  Which to me sends the message that, in the end, women still need a man’s validation in order to truly feel confident.

Sasha:  (2012)


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