Dolce & Gabbana : objectification and sexual violence.



This Dolce&Gabbana advertising campaign has created a huge polemic when it was released in 2007. Indeed, this is clearly the representation of the woman as an object, controlled by the four men around her, and moreover as a sexual object. The sexual dimension of this photograph goes so far in the violence, that this scene has been assimilated to a gang rape by some people. The woman is maintained on the ground by a man above her, while the other three are watching, she seems completely dominated.
To my mind, this is one of the most important and dramatic drift in nowadays advertisings. First of all, no one cares about the product anymore, this is just about making something appealing to the consumer. And what is appealing ? Sex. Sex is catching the eyes of people reading a magazine, or walking in the street. And the over-sexualisation of advertising can lead to this kind of visuals, which normalize the violence and the idea of a submissive woman. Even if Dolce&Gabbana has denied this interpretation of the ad, we can still be glad that some institutions in Italy and Spain have firmly asked for its withdrawal. The audience is not passive, and this is the role of everyone to fight against this kind of ad. We have to show that this can not go that far in order just to sell clothes, or car, or whatever.

(Lucile ARNOULD)


2 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana : objectification and sexual violence.

  1. denizertan

    As I completely agree with what Lucile says, I would like to mention a point that was not mentioned in her post. On this ad, the objectification goes both ways. While the woman was the center of the ad, the men who are on the ad are objectified as well. They are all muscular, either topless or showing some skin and oily for some fetishist reason i suppose. Therefore, while objecting to women’s objectification, we should not be biased and be against objectification of any human being. That, I believe, will make our arguments as feminists a lot stronger.


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