“Perfect Match”

This video is, to say the least, controversial. The woman represents the “sexiness” of the company while the man is portrayed as the “brains” of the operation. She of course, is wearing a tiny pink dress, showing off her cleavage while he is wearing glasses, a button up, and a tie. The commercial shamelessly adheres to every stereotype. Both the man and the woman are decorated with “gender markers”, a fraise used in Judith Lorber’s book Paradoxes of Gender. Additionally, the idea that women are seen solely as sexual objects is exemplified in this video in that the woman only brings sex to the company while the man brings the substance.

Finally, the title of the video, “Perfect Match”, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally given, also perpetuates gender inequality. On the surface, the commercial is saying that the combination of sexiness and intelligence is the “perfect match”. However, through illustrating this “perfect match” through a man and a woman, the title also infers that a man and a woman create a perfect match. Thus, labeling any other relationship other than a heterosexual relationship imperfect.


Lorber, Judith. Paradoxes of Gender. New Haven: Yale UP, 1994. Print.


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