What is inequity?

As far as pertaining to gender, I have always seen inequity as the inherent difference in how society treats men vs. women, exemplified by Judith Lorber’s statement of how “In a gender-stratified society, what men do is usually valued more highly than what women do” (Lorber 116). More opportunities are available to men, and in all aspects of society, they are seen as the favored gender. However, I have never really thought about the inequity that may be found within the genders themselves. Bell Hooks writes a lot about the role of racism as it pertains to differences in sex, and how “White females discriminate against and exploit black women while simultaneously being envious and competitive in their interactions with them” (Hooks 131). She goes on to say that in many cases, divisions of race may even take precedence over divisions of gender.

I wonder if this inequity within our own gender, this lack of “solidarity” of which Hooks so emphasizes the importance, is what is holding us back from bridging the inequality between genders. How can we fight for that cause when we are too busy discriminating against and fighting within ourselves?

Hooks, Bell. “Sisterhood: Political Solidarity Between Women.” Feminist Review, No. 23. 125-138. Print.

Lorber, Judith. “The Social Construction of Gender.” Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology. 4th ed. N.p.: n.p., 2006. 113-19. Print.


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