Big Question: What is the goal of feminism?

The ultimate goal of feminism is gender equality. Okay, so that seems pretty straight forward. But how do you advocate for an oppressed minority within a society whose entire social and professional framework is configured under a paradigm for white, heterosexual males? Not that contemporary white, hetero males are to blame. As Simone de Beauvoir outlines, institutional patriarchy is a phenomenon going back a millennium of human existence- present in religion, science, and philosophy. Upending this model is no small feat. Today’s feminists work to establish new thought frameworks that consider minority populations. Feminist theory is an exercise in discourse, providing a space to propose and inspect these models. The challenge is to think outside the patriarchal box we are reared in and are familiar with, to find a system that is favors all populations equally. Progress is the goal.¬†


One thought on “Big Question: What is the goal of feminism?

  1. genderneutrallanguage

    So what is the goal of feminism? What does “Gender equality” even mean? Do we want to re-write human DNA so that we are not a sexually dimorphic species? Do we need to start surgically implanting uterises in men so that males can carry half the burden of child bearing? Do we need to insure that laws are not written in a way that is gender exclusive? Do we need to insure that everyone regardless of gender has the same opportunities? Do we need to insure equal outcomes regardless of differences in ability or interest? What does “Gender Equality” mean?


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