Hanes: Offensive Equality

After watching this short advertisement for socks, it is clear that there are multiple forms of gender discrimination occurring. Not only is the ad sexist towards men, but the woman is given a gender role to fill. The advertisement portrays men as inept beings with a caveman mentality. It does this because the man creates what he thinks is a revolutionary paste, which in all actuality isn’t a bright idea. Thus, the man provides a solution to an easy problem which the women easily solves by pulling some socks out of her bag. The question then is, why did the woman have some socks in her bag? Judith Lorber would describe this scenario as a woman “doing gender,” for it is in this moment that she is assigned a gender role and becomes the house mother. In the advertisement Hanes manages to offend both men and women. This reinforces the notion that society “does gender” without even knowing it (Lorber). Despite society’s acceptance of these ads they still manage to hit television, and in the words of the cute little boy, “[We’re] sick of it!”

Works Cited:

Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology. Estelle Disch, editor. 4th ed. 2006.


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