Modern Oppression: A Focus on Gender

When someone thinks of an oppressor, it is often the case that they imagine a tyrant from the middle ages, a slaveowner in the nineteenth century, or a cruel modern ‘president’. Although these are obvious examples of oppressors, in today’s world there is a more common form of oppression and it occurs on U.S. soil. Who exactly are the oppressors? We as a society.  I use ‘we’ because we are ultimately a part of society. Gender oppression has always existed and it is we who have allowed it to continue. Regardless of your gender, there will always be some sort of limitation imposed on you by society (Lorber). These limitations come in the form of gender discrimination at work, gender roles dictating what is expected, and ostracization due to ‘being different’. These types of limitations thus create a form of oppression (that of gender) within our society. Interestingly enough, the only solution to solve this oppression is by changing the way we, as a society, think. Perhaps future generations can be influenced by the progressive ideas of today, but until that happens we remain our own oppressors.


Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology. Estelle Disch, editor. 4th ed. 2006.


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