Spark Post: Semenya Makeover

After Caster Semenya was criticized for her masculine appearance and was involved in a controversy over her true biological sex in 2009, Sememya let South African magazine You give her a makeover, putting the results on the front cover.Caster-Semenya-Makeover-Before-and-After1

Is this really the way to go about outwardly identifying her gender? I’m not so sure. For weeks after the controversy, Semenya and her family were credited with extreme composure, unwavering against the battery of the media and standing by her outward appearance. In the magazine, published in September of 2009, she claims “I am who I am and I am proud of myself,” but I don’t know if getting a makeover is the best way to communicate self-confidence. It was said by stylists that Semenya was a little reluctant to submitting to the makeover before the shoot, but enjoyed herself once it was underway.

What are your opinions? Was it a move of her publicists as a form of self-defense? Do you think she even wanted the makeover?


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