Tide Commercial Is Not Clean of Stereotypes

This ad opens with men acting macho while watching football. A woman, presumably one man’s wife, fulfills the stereotype of the housewife by folding towels. Salsa drips onto one of the men’s shirts, and stains it in the shape of Joe Montana, the football star.

When the men call it a “miracle stain,” the woman shakes her head. The stain becomes famous, and people (majority men), idolize it. These men are portrayed as buffoons compared to the disbelieving wife, the female reporter who comments on how “crazy” they are, and women who make a profit by selling t-shirts.

After the huge amount of attention given to the man and his stain, he returns home to find that his wife washed the shirt. As he pouts and leaves, the woman whispers “Go Ravens,” indicating that she wanted to sabotage the 49ers by ruining their good luck charm.

Additionally, the ad goes against Simone de Beauvoir’s observation that women are the “other” gender. This women could stand alone, and is portrayed as smarter than the men. However, the ad also alludes to the stereotype that women deal with their issues by sneaking around and scheming to get what they want.

Beauvoir, Simone De. “The Second Sex: Introduction.” Introduction. The Second Sex. New York: Knopf, 1953. 32-40. Print.


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