Victoria’s Secret- How do they get to define sexy?

Recently, I saw an ad for Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion. The copy read something along the lines of “You’ll be 20x more Sexy!” What does that even mean? First of all, why does Victoria’s Secret have the power to tell me what is and what is not sexy? Apparently they even have the power to make me 20x sexier. I thought about this ad yesterday in when discussing a doctor’s power in decision making. Victoria’s Secret has the money and distribution abilities to get their messages out, but who gives them the power to create uniform definitions? We do, as the consumers. People who buy their lotion are validating Victoria’s Secret’s claim and propelling their power. I’ve bought Victoria Secret products before, and I’ve watched the famous fashion show. Does this mean I am allowing Victoria’s Secret to define what is sexy?


One thought on “Victoria’s Secret- How do they get to define sexy?

  1. sunnystirewalt23

    In my opinion it is not just Victoria’s Secret, advertising for beauty products almost always promises unrealistic expectations of their products depending on what the company thinks their consumers thrive for. Depending on the season, type of product, hot new color, fabulous upcoming look, the advertising department aspires to create a campaign for the current concept of ultimate beauty promising, you, the consumer, the final product….. aka. a more “beautiful” YOU!

    But behind the advertising of beauty products, there are three underlying questions….why do women want to be more beautiful, what is beautiful, and why does society demand for beauty products to make every woman the same type of beautiful?

    However, in our current society money is power. Victoria’s Secret, and other large companies have the ability to use marketing strategies to sell their product and generate income for their respective companies. It is therefore out of the control of the consumer to redefine “beauty” and “un-universalize” it. It is up to the consumer to realize what these products stand for and what message they are accepting when they buy the products.


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