What is equality? Do we want to achieve it?

I believe there is a problem with the word “equality,” as even though it is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the right of different groups of people to receive the same treatment,” I cannot help but think that by achieving equality, we would indivertibly be assuming to live in a world of “equals.”

Before this class, I thought that the objective of feminism was to achieve equality. However after being exposed to feminist literature such as Fausto-Sterling’s, I understand that even though we want to break from our two-sex system, there is a reason why she retracted her argument that a five-sex system would be better. Five containers are not better than two, and certainly neither is one, which is what I am scared would happen if we achieve this oh so desired equality.

Regardless of sex, gender, or sexual inclination, people are people and deserve the same treatment – as long as this does not imply that we are all equal because we are not. And that’s a good thing.


Fausto-Sterling, Anne. “Sexing the Body” (2000)

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