#WeAreBeautiful – The Dove “Real Beauty” Sketches

When a woman looks at beauty commercial, she will probably see a beautiful woman looking or behaving in way that she believes to be unattainable. I’ll admit it, I do the same thing; however, this commercial does the opposite. After seeing this commercial I felt inspired. What the Dove “Real Beauty” Sketches show us women is that we are beautiful in our own unique way. In general, women are very critical of our looks. We feel as though we are not pretty enough in comparison to other women. In other words, there is a certain sense of inferiority we feel when looking at other women, especially models and celebrities. The Dove “Real Beauty” Sketches shows us that instead of tearing ourselves down, we as women should lift ourselves up, and also, uplift those around us. We should see and be proud of the unique beauty that we all carry within us. If we could think more highly of ourselves, we can strive harder to become the best that we can be. This commercial is the first time that I have ever seen a beauty company try to tell and show women that we are each beautiful in our own special way and that our differences are nothing to be ashamed of.



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