What is Discrimination? – “America’s Team”

Known as “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys are notoriously known for its cheerleaders; the “girls next door” who are said to represent women in America. But is that true?



If you were to watch the reality TV show, “The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team,” you will quickly realize that statement to be false. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) do not represent the average American women, but instead represent the ideal American women. The members of the DCC are hand-picked by a panel of “qualified” judges, made up of personal trainers, expert hairstylists, and past cheerleaders, who are directed by two coaches and former Dallas cheerleaders, to only pick girls who fit the DCC image. In order to become a member of the DCC a woman must not only have dance talent, but she must also be beautiful, with adequate sized boobs, curves (but cannot exceed a pre-set weight for her height), and a lean body build. If a girl does not meet these requirements, she is not allowed on the team. Instead of discriminating against the average American woman, who is about 5’4’’ and 150lbs, why doesn’t the DCC allow these women so they can actually live up to its name of “America’s Team?”


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