What is inequity?

I did 6 years and 10 months in the Navy and after a month of  being in this class my perception of gender based discrimination in the military has changed. I used to see things with a jaded alpha male perspective that is very much the “social norm” in the military. Now when I look back one thing that really sticks out in my head is the fact that I never had a female directly in charge of me. Women who were around my command were mainly in administrative positions and were treated differently then males. We were frequently advised to be patient and use “kid glove’s” when dealing with the females. The fact that women in the civilian world make roughly 23% less than their male counterparts isn’t applicable in the military because everyone has a set pay-scale that determines how much you are paid based on rank and time in service. Even this doesn’t make much of a difference because women were frequently overlooked for early promotion and are generally overshadowed by the men in their department. 
    Since I left service in 2004, much has changed. Now the “New Navy” (a phrase that has been used pretty much forever to describe any perceived “change” in S.O.P (standard operating procedures) that deviates from the traditional way of doing things) has adapted to let gays serve openly without fear of getting fired. The question I ask is: How do we eliminate sexist discrimination in the “new” military and equal the playing field for all our sisters in uniform.

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