Ad: Nike breaking stereotypes?

I found this ad a couple days ago, and it was oddly refreshing to see a company advertising and breaking stereotypes. OF course that was after I noticed that even when attempting to break stereotypes, Nike started their commercial by sexualizing a woman in my point of view. Also alike what Simone de Beauvoir states, the women in the commercial are supposed to be defined in contrast to men. So much that they even included a man in the commercial just to point it out (“outrun him”), as if women could not be athletic unless they somehow compared to men. Although the woman is seen as faster, it’s still defining the accomplishments of women in comparison to men. This is similar to what Judith Lorber states about any action a man takes being more valuable, thus the women in the commercial having to beat the men to be seen as athletic. On its face, a progressive ad, but in depth — slightly more nuanced.

De Beauvoir, Simone. Feminist Theory Reader: Local & Global Perspectives. New York: Routledge, 20013. Print.

Judith Lorber, “The Social Construction of Gender” (1990)


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