Should there only be two sexes?

Throughout this unit, we discussed the complex and challenging topic of sex binaries – if in reality sex is more variable than the predominant societal normality. In order for me to try to conceive of an answer to this question, I contemplated what lies at both ends of the spectrum. Currently, our society as evidenced by the options offered on drivers licenses, passports, and any other type of official documentation, only recognizes males or females. But I believe that this marginalizes and disregards groups of individuals that do not fit neatly within either category. Thus, Fausto-Sterling proposes the idealistic and extremely utopian ideal of eliminating any and all gender differences, even from official documentation; however, I can not see this ever becoming a workable solution in the near future. I envision that it would force our society to devolve into anarchical chaos because although classification/organization might not be completely democratic, it is the only way I can identify to governing a country as large as the United States. Therefore, in addition to an “International Bill of Gender Rights,” I propose including a third sex category that would acknowledge individuals that do not identify with being male or female; an ambiguous category. Although this solution would not entirely extinguish all issues associated with rigid gender binaries, I believe it’s a realistic step towards acceptance and change. Utopian ideals might be nice to envision, but they do not offer answers.


Fausto -Sterling, Anne. Sexing the Body. New York: Basic Books, 2000.

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