Unexpected Privilege

Over the discussion of the last couple of weeks concerning gender and sex, I have found that I fall into the “privileged” category. While gender binaries have created and inequity in expectations and implications because I identify as a woman, I still “fit” the category of one of the two descriptions. I by no means am demeaning what it means to be a woman in this day and age, but I also have come to value the plight of those that do not fit this structure laid out by society as much as I value my own. While I do not agree with the binaries set out for me, I have never completely felt excluded from them. I think this evokes privilege because it is an “advantage” over people who are not considered in gender binaries. After reading Serrano’s account in Whipping Girl, I have become more aware of the way that I am perceived as a woman in the myriad of spaces that I occupy. I have noticed that no matter what, I am almost always comfortable and that’s because society took me into account when setting out some of these standards. However, a woman like Serrano, who still has trouble identifying as a woman, feels much more excluded from society because of the fact that her experiences are not necessarily capsulated in the word “woman.”

Citation- Whipping Girl by Julia Serrano


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