What is Fairness?

I’ve always heard “life’s not fair” and I’ve accepted it.  Everyone always seems to have some kind of advantage or disadvantage.  Especially when it comes to men and women.  Affirmative action first comes to mind when I think of fairness.  I often wonder if it was fair that I had the advantage of being a girl to get into Penn’s Engineering school.  But then I think of all the other advantages I also had that didn’t have to do with my gender, and how many of the boys also used some kind of advantage they had to get in.  We all use what we can to achieve our goals.  So would it be fairer if, for example, we accepted student into college gender blind?  And the same could be asked about job applications?

Another thing that could be considered is gender fairness with respect to gender roles.  Women are the child bearers and often expected to be the caretakers.  Is it fair that the women have to halt their careers while the men continue advancing?  There are many variations of family structures, some of which even out the fairness, but biology dictates that women have to carry the baby for nine months.

There are some things we can do about evening the fairness between men and women, but I still think it stands that life just isn’t fair sometimes.

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