Are Women the Lesser Sex?

Biologically, men are stronger and produce more testosterone than women. In terms of sporting events there are men’s championships and women’s championships. Throughout history, men have always taken the powerful leadership positions. Today, there has not even been one United States president that is a woman. Whether it is the media, entertainment, or generally our society, women are perceived as the lesser sex.

The song “Macho Man” ( really says it all. In Anzaldua’s artice he supports that the word “macho” was a result of hierarchical dominance of males and came from oppression, poverty, and low self-esteem. This term is derived from “machismo” meaning strong and able to protect women. At the time, it almost portrayed that women were so inferior that there was something wrong with them.

“You’re nothing but a woman means you are defective” (Anzaldua, 83).

Do you think society is doing enough to even out the reputations of each sex? Will there be a female president soon? Are you too now singing the Macho Man song in your head?


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