Dannon Birth Control on the Bottom

This Dannon Birth Control on the Bottom video is a parody taunting the countless ads on television that are directed toward women. All of the ads, whether they are about yogurt, birth control, healthy foods, or anything else bring different cultures of women together in an unrealistic way. The way media today presents the commercials makes it seem that things such as yogurt, birth control, and being thin are only things that matter to women. The video emphasizes that women are extremely emotional and talk about their problems 24/7.

This video rejects the concept that women are natural enemies and that there will never been solidarity between them. In order to build a feminist movement, Bell Hooks supports that this must change. He explains that women are divided by sexist attitudes, racism, class privilege, and a host of other prejudices. He believes that “sustained women bonding can occur when the divisions are confronted.”

However, this video parody disagrees with Hooks point of view and shows that today, society views all women as a collective party, and perceives them as an inferior group that is emotionally unstable and dependent on the male gender.

Hooks, Bell. “Sisterhood: Political Solidarity Between Women”. Feminist Review. 1986.


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