This Nivea advertisement caught my attention for two reasons.

My first impression of this advertisement was that this statement is quite racist. This advertisement shows an African America male, with a fresh haircut and semi-formal attire. He is holding in his hand, what seems to be his own decapitated head, but with an afro and facial hair. The more racist aspect of this ad are the words “Re-civilize yourself” as if it were giving a hint to the African American community to become more civilized. In smaller words above, the ad says “Look like you give a damn,” as if African Americans present themselves as careless individuals.

The other impression I was given was that this ad was strictly targeted towards the African American community. In Jean Kilbourne’s book, she states that advertisers like to target the African American community because they seem to have a high buying power (“more than the GNP of Switzerland” Kilbourne, 37). Although we may think we don’t pay attention to the ads, Kilbourne states in her moving Killing Us Softly 4 that the influence is slowly working through and lingering in our brains.

Are media advertisements going too far? Are we all falling victim to the advertisement companies?



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