Hot Pockets Ad Critique

In Hot Pockets most recent television commercial, actress Kim Allen uses a seductive soft voice to sell the newest version of Hot Pockets. In the voiceover, she says “we add hot, because hot makes everything better” as she removes her fire mask to let her long hair swish around as she takes a sensual bite out of the hot pocket, stretching the cheese between her teeth. While the men in the ad are fully clothed, Allen’s shirt is unbuttoned to expose her skin. Her makeup and sexual appeal is further highlighted as the camera zooms in for a closeup of her face and lips as she bites into the hot pocket, fragmenting the sexual parts of her body.

The Hot Pockets advertisement contains several industry-standards of a heterosexual male fantasy video. In this ad, there are several apparent “standards” to attract a male audience, including the objectification of her body, her inviting and seductive behavior, and her enjoyment of the hot pocket. Each of these standards contribute to the normalization of a woman’s body and behavior. Because these standards are repeated throughout music videos and commercials, these norms “construct and continually reinforce…our ideal of the normal.” Such representations “produce and reproduce the norms of gender and sexuality that are our lived reality” (Chambers 84-5). This is extremely problematic as men take cues from these representations, which in turn, affects their behavior towards and treatment of women.

Chambers, Samuel. “Heteronormativity and the L Word.” Trans. Array Reading the L Word: Outing Contemporary Television. New York: I.B. Tauris, 2006. 81-98. Print.



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