A “Revolution In Shaping Jeans” Levi’s CurveID Strikes Again

Following the uproar surrounding the last few CurveID ad campaigns by Levi’s, one would expect to see more hesitance from their marketing department to objectify women and exclude the very namesake demographic of their CurveID line. One would think that after all the market research and effort put into designing a curve-flattering jean, Levi’s would have picked up on women’s interest in seeing their body types in ads. Instead, in Levi’s 2013 video advertisement, they don’t just show more of the same slender models. This time, while not reduced to sexualized, singular body parts, the women are voicelessly moving through non-productive activities (dancing and walking in slow motion, mostly), punctuated by the tagline: LET YOUR BODY DO THE TALKING. Even in jeans, it seems, women are still expected to be seen and not heard.


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