Ad Critique: Levi’s Jeans


This is an ad from Levi’s “I will not diet” campaign. In an attempt to be politically correct, Levi’s jeans put in place a series of ads created to accept women of all body shapes. However, their attempt is entirely lost on me. First of all, the women, or more specifically, the asses of the women shown above are all skinny. This ad doesn’t show acceptance of all body shapes, it simply reinforces the ideal slender shape. Additionally, Levi is making it abundantly clear that all that matters to them is how a woman’s butt looks in a pair of blue jeans. These women are chopped into pieces, propelling the objectification of women and showing them as compartmentalized pieces instead of human beings. There are also multiple women shown, reinforcing a man’s fantasy of group sex. It is deeply saddening that this ad is a company’s idea of helping women. Society has become so desensitized to the objectification of women that we don’t recognize it even when it is staring us in the face.

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