Are we free?

More specifically, how free are our thoughts? In this unit we had a lot of discussions on how our society places slender, white and male bodies on the highest pedestals. These are viewed as the ideals that we must strive for on a daily basis and this is emphasized in our TV shows, advertisements and everyday interactions. Though it’s true that in class we have dissected many of these topics, just how much of an impact will this have on changing how we view the world? Yes, we may see that it’s wrong how certain bodies are mistreated and shamed by the media and maybe this will make us more aware of this and thus less judgmental. However, will this stop of us from truly desiring the bodies that are placed on the pedestal? It seems almost impossible to be able to separate ourselves from these standards that are so heavily intertwined into everything we do. This also raises the question about desire: do we desire certain things simply because we enjoy them or because they are things society has deemed desirable? Once we can distinguish between these ideas, we may be able to move closer to being “free.”


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