What Is Oppression?

Oppression is a state in which an individual or a group is subjected to unjust treatment and/or unmitigated control. In just about every society women constantly have less hegemony then men and are furthermore victimized, subjugated, and marginalized by men. Although this oppression continues to exist, with the influx of newer forms of media such as TV, twitter, and Facebook, the oppression of women has become a more subtle and omnipresent norm. Media has allowed oppressors to hide behind screens, free from blame but still maintaining their power to exercise control over society. Media surrounds people’s lives so that it’s subliminal but powerful messages are impossible to avoid and thus, are able to conserve women in a state of inequality. Music videos are a great example of the power of images to mold and shape people’s perceptions and decisions. Music videos constantly fragment, sexualize, and objectify women through provocative dancing, camera angles, clothing, and violent images so that the mistreatment of women becomes not only a norm but also a way of life that can be advertised and marketed through mass media. Are the oppressors the actors themselves, the producers, the viewers, or the men that emulate the images? Oppression’s indistinct perpetrator makes it so that it continues with no end and no type of retribution.


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