Women’s Self-Perception

I found this video by the Dove campaign so touching. It shows an artist blindly sketching women first as they describe themselves, and then as someone else describes them. It turns out that the latter are much more attractive depictions, showing women how harshly they judge their own appearance. From personal experience I find this to be a very true phenomenon – but the question is why? Women often hold themselves to extremely high, or impossible, standards as they compare themselves to images in the media, many of which are photoshopped. When they look in the mirror and see they stray from this unattainable ideal, they may see themselves not in terms of what they are but in terms of what they are not. My question though, is why do women judge themselves more harshly than other women? Broadly speaking, all women are held to these same standards shaped by the media – so why do we seem to view ourselves more negatively than others?


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