What is Fairness?



Lunch room conversations about the down-low and it’s meaning have been discussed by coworkers. Arguments from individuals about acceptable and unacceptable practices and how it affects the people involved both physically and emotionally. It prompts the question “What is fairness?

In the discussions, at the lunch room table, one person made a vehement statement that the down-low was an experiment that was enacted on young men in “dirty alleys” and that it was an extremely violent sexual act. I tried an internet search for this “experiment”(because this didn’t sound accurate to me) and couldn’t find any reference to it, however it did make me think if there are such intense misconceptions it isn’t surprising that a person with a sexual orientation that is not of the binary norm that society has accepted, decides not to reveal their orientation.Why is sexual orientation considered public domain for homosexuals/bisexuals and not for heterosexuals? How is this fair or anyone’s business? I wonder what purpose does this serve? If someone asked me my sexual preference I would be offended by the question for the simple fact that it isn’t anyone’s business. Paparazzi relentlessly investigate and invade celebrities about rumors of homosexuality or bisexuality. They, paparazzi, search for proof of homosexuality/bisexuality. If such “evidence” is found, the entertainment/sports industry is likely to withdraw certain endorsements or roles from the celebrity because of the implied sexual orientation of the celebrity. Thus discriminating from the individual based on sexual orientation. At what point do we stop hunting down people because of their sexual orientation? Withholding financial opportunities because an individual is no longer considered “viable” in a character or ad campaign because of homosexuality/bisexuality, is this fair?


Hill-Collins, Patricia. Black Sexual Politics African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism. New York: Rutledge, 2005


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