Axe: anyone can do it

In this particular Axe commercial, women are made to be nothing more than items waiting to be conquered. This sets up Patricia Collins’s claim that men must exert their masculinity on others by showing how they can conquer women. Of course, the only way to do this is by buying the product. An interesting thing to note about this ad is that there isn’t a variance in customer aim other than the heterosexual cisgender male. Because of its nature, it spends most of its screen time showing women. As discussed in class, the women take on the job to fulfill a man’s fantasy by being part of alluring “professions”.  Another thing that is seen in this video is the way that men and women behave on screen. Women are confident in posture and attractive by society’s standards. The men on the other hand are goofy, nerdy, and not “babes” by the media’s opinion. After all, any man, despite age or looks, can conquer a good looking woman if they use Axe.



Hill Collins, Patricia. Black Sexual Politics: African Americans Gender and the New Racism. New York: Routledge, 2005.


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