What is Being Sold Here?

This is an advertisement for Equinox, a “luxury” fitness club that has its headquarters in New York City.  To be honest, when I first came across this advertisement I did not know what the advertiser was selling ( Because I didn’t think it was possible, or legal, to sell a woman’s legs to the general public).  It wasn’t until I saw the fine print at the bottom that I knew the company name and even then, I had to look up what Equinox was on the Internet.

Equinox Ad


My point here is this: this ad really has no purpose besides selling the female body. In the documentary “Killing Us Softly 4” Jean Kilbourne talks about how overly sexualized women’s bodies are in advertising. Advertising companies use the most appealing parts of women’s bodies to sell merchandise because people are attracted to sexualized products. By not showing women’s faces and only showing parts of their bodies, these companies are reducing women to be seen as just objects. The message advertisers are sending to the public is that women are not worth proper respect and they are only good for sex.


One thought on “What is Being Sold Here?

  1. olto2013

    I think your last sentence is a bit of a stretch. I do think this ad objectifies women, but it is a fitness company selling their product: the stereotypical ideal female body. Women are a much better target for gyms, especially a gym positioned like equinox is, than men. I don’t think the message is “women are only good for sex”, but instead “you cannot be part of a certain social class if you are not thin”. Of course, this message is not good or right either.


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