For/To what will you or must you re/act?

Media was made for us to react to.  We react to what we relate to, to what we want to be, to what shocks us, etc.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing.  It could open us up to new thing, new people, and new experiences, (for example, introducing people to new lifestyles such as LGBT).  But it can also close us off, implant opinions into our head, and show us a false reality, (for example, giving young girls thoughts that they have to act and look a certain way).  It really is an individual process of how each person reacts to the media, but everyone has a reaction whether it’s subconscious or not.  You might wonder how we can make people have good reactions rather than bad reactions, but it seems to me to be something that has to change in the media and not in the people watching.


One thought on “For/To what will you or must you re/act?

  1. Jonathan Paz

    I would urge you to be a little bit more critical about what are the fabricated “reactions” the media wants us to have. Think about the underlying motivations- and therefore implications- behind media advertisements and sensational news. Given what you wrote, it seems like the media does things to only helps us or make us think. In this way, it seems like the media is absolved of what it does because people apparently have varied responses to their advertisements, shows, etc.. This is wrong. The media projects certain information that intrinsically limits our spectrum of understanding – especially when the information is skewed and decontextualized. So in this way, the media is not just making us react but giving us, what to react to, and therefore limiting our understanding of what is worth reacting to. In all, when you factor in these components, the media is creating a certain type of reaction. It is breeding complacency and by all intents and purposes, an uninformed collective of sheep.


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