What is Discriminaition? Transsexuals and Christianity

This week, I was watching a television show entitled “Preachers of LA,” which is a reality television show that follows the lives of five preachers in the Los Angels area. On the particular episode that I was watching, one of the preachers was grappling with a very troubling and controversial issue: one of his female church members had undergone a sex change.

It is no secret that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people are not completely accepted in some denominations of Christianity.  Many denominations, especially the Catholic Church, discriminate against these people and say that they are not behaving in a “God-like” manner. These churches state that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people are going to Hell for the decisions they have made. However, the preacher on this show took a different stance. Instead of turning away and denouncing the transsexual member of his church, he embraced him and told him that it is not his place to judge the way he lives his life. He told him that God says to love everyone, regardless of the choices that they have made.

I think that others religious officials should take notice of how this preacher handled this situation. It is not our place to judge others based on how they chose to live their life. We as a society should accept everyone for who they are and learn to respect each other’s differences.



One thought on “What is Discriminaition? Transsexuals and Christianity

  1. steffiedotorg

    I wonder. Is it a pastor’s job to decide things so serious as this? Shouldn’t the Bible be the ultimate authority on morality? And in the event that the pastor is wrong, is he not jeopardizing the woman/man’s eternal safety by condoning an act that God may ultimately condemn?


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