I would like to begin by staying that I love Ralph Lauren and I believe I truly understand the company. Before this class, I even would have said that I love this commercial. In some ways I still do – it fits my specific ideal. I’m a heterosexual female who is interested in monogamy in the long run.

However, it is clearly limiting and stereotypical, and this bothers me. The ad features a real life husband and wife, polo player Nacho Figueras and Delfina Blaquier. They are represented as an exemplification of the “true meaning” of romance.

And I think that’s fine, if I could imagine a version of this commercial actually running with any other type of couple. But I can’t imagine a nonwhite, same sex, or average looking couple being presented in this ad.

It presents a very Disney-like critique – is this the only way the fairytale can look?

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