Ad critique: Johnny Walker

I love Scotch, it’s my favorite alcoholic beverage. Give me a good 25 year-old single barrel and I’m in heaven. Unfortunately, Johnny Walker Red doesn’t go down smooth, in this ad, or in real life. Johnny Walker Red taste like gasoline and wood chips. I don’t know who would give this to a woman other than some pervy cheapskate trying to get them drunk. Suggestive advertising is a common strategy used by companies around the world. This allows the ad to overtly appeal to the readers love of Christmas with a hint of sexual undertone. Two messages in one advertisement is double the bang for the advertising buck. Unfortunately the message being sent here is buy our Scotch and she will give you sex. The true undertone is that of getting a girl wasted for your own sexual gratification. So if you want to give the gift of Johnny Walker this Christmas remember; Green, Gold, or Blue Label for the one you love. If you go for the cheap Red, you might find yourself drinking alone sexually frustrated.Image


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