Florabotanica Perfume

In Kristen Stewart’s new advertisement for Balenciaga’s perfume, Florabotanica, Stewart depicts of the image of her as a tree. While at a first glance, the ad can be considered to have no gender biases, this is simply not true. In the ad, Stewart has flowers on her bare back. This gives the impression that she is essentially a tree with flowers growing out of her and therefore she is not human. While this creates an incredibly beautiful beautiful image, it also makes Stewart literally turn into an object. So many times in the media, women are made into actual objects that are then used for men’s desire. This poses a problem because this doesn’t allow for women to be seen as whole individuals but rather as fragmented pieces of a person which a lot or the times isn’t even human at all. Consequently, there is a prevalence of violence against women because of the dehumanizing nature of turning women into things that they are not. Furthermore, the nakedness of Stewart’s back provides a sexual context under which this advertisement functions



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