Special K

Special K

In class, we discussed several ads from Special K. There was an ad in a magazine which seemed contradictory to me.

However, I recently found this commercial which does exactly what the former advertisement failed to do. It shows women happy about their appearances. It makes every size of pants into a good adjective — rather than simply stating that size doesn’t matter. It has a woman refer to how she feels, rather than just how she looks. And at the end of the commercial, it restates “More than just a number”.

This commercial, though selling a product which is intended for weight loss(as said in other commercials), contrasts with their subtle focus on weight in their other advertisements. One ad, in Hesse-Biber’s book, shows an ad for Spoecial K, which has the tagline: ‘Big White Box. Smaller Blue jeans.’ which enforces the usual thin ideal portrayed in the media. However, this specific commercial manages to go against the idea that weight loss is the better idea (as Hesse-Biber states is the purpose in their other ad) and rather focuses on how the women feel. This ad shows that not every ad has to advocate weight loss, and can do so in a positive way.

Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Nagy., and Sharlene Nagy. Hesse-Biber. “Selling the Body Beautifiul.” The Cult of Thinness. New York: Oxford UP, 2007. N. pag. Print.

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