Svedka’s Fembots

Future Victoria Secret Model Robot

Future Victoria Secret Model Robot

This newly released: Svedka was voted number one choice for vodka in 2033. What is wrong with this statement? Not to contest the obvious, but clearly it is neither 2033 (nor will Svedka ever be first choice in vodka, yuck). However, these print ads exhibit how advertising is pushing its limits. There is technically no false advertising here because it’s not 2033; furthermore, the futuristic theme of this robot mascot allows for Svedka to joke and satirize contemporary issues and the technology driven state of our current society. The innovation obsessed and hyper-tech aspects to our culture allow us to wonder: perhaps robots will exist, and perhaps they will sell us vodka. With this said, however, will we still be objectifying the ideal female body. I am skeptical to believe that Svedka commercials are being ironic when they portray the female body as a robot. In a sense, we can view it with an ironic eye and conclude that we focus so much energy on projecting the ideal female body that the only possibility left would be a robot. However, I tend to see this as further pressure on a woman. These ads directly target men. The concept of a trophy wife is a cultural stereotype associated with a wealthy man looking for arm candy—all the while drinking good vodka. We cannot help but pair this hyper feminized robot with the words on the ad. Are the scientists talking about the vodka or the ideal female? It is hard to tell, however I find the nature of these ads subtly controversial. 

svedka2  svedka3


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