Victoria Secret Commericals

I see Victoria Secret commercials and I really question what audience they are targeting?  Obviously Victoria Secret is women’s bras and underwear, so you’d think that they would aim their advertising at women, but what I see seems to catch more men’s attention.  Maybe it men buy Victoria Secret products for their significant others, or maybe women want to buy them to show to their significant others.  However it seems to me that Victoria Secret commercials mostly are a way for men to ogle at barely dressed women, and make women feel self-conscious about their bodies.  However, Victoria Secret does try to make women feel good about themselves, in their own way.  I have heard that they up their cup size, so if you are really an A cup, you are a B cup at Victoria Secret.  Although it may sound weird, it makes some women feel better about themselves to think they have bigger breasts.  But then again this goes back to the fact that women think they need to have big breast in society.


One thought on “Victoria Secret Commericals

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