What is Fair?

When studying the sexualized and desired bodies of both men and women, it’s important to look at what constitutes as fairness. The oversexualization of women is something that has become prevalent in our society. Through advertisements and commercials, femininity is constructed as a series of norms and ideas in which women are portrayed as the inferior gender. For example, in music videos, women are constructed as the object of men’s desire in a setting where they have little or no control over themselves or their surroundings. Women are seen acting uncontrollably when a man is in front of them and often times, the hyper masculinity and violence of men is often ignored in return for sexual gratification. While these images are obviously problematic because women are placed on the losing end of a scale measured by objectification, I found myself wondering what exactly would I consider to be a fair representations of genders in these music videos?

In some ways, men are now being objectified through the media in ways similar to women; their overly sexualized depictions are in some ways comparable to women. While the ubiquity of sexualization of men is yet to be seen in the same way women are, is this what we would consider to be fairness? I have a hard time believing that the marginalization of any sex or gender can ever be considered fair even if they are being held to the same standards. I propose fairness to be an ideology under which men and women can be positively represented and thus the relationship between men and women can depend less on a hierarchy of genders and more on a respectful portrayal.


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