Ad that “goes against the norm”?

via:, changing ad graphic

While looking for an advertisement to discuss on Ads of the World, I came across this functioning ad for Corbis being promoted by the site itself. Corbis describes themselves as

“a leading digital media company and entertainment consultancy empowering advertisers, publishers, brands, and other media producers to break through the clutter by accessing and integrating with the world’s great creative content. Through its branded websites Corbis Images, Corbis Entertainment, Corbis Motion, and Veer, the company helps the creative community produce distinctive work for websites, magazines, newspapers, books, television and films.” (

This reminded me of all the ads aimed towards advertisers Kilbourne discusses, how they advertise their service or ad space by emphasizing their access to particularly desirable demographics. This very current ad, then, shows that gay men continue to be a desirable market. Yet it is acknowledged that they are still a niche, that they still fall outside the norm. I would be interested to hear what people think of the emphasis on “against the norm” in the ad, and if it is still a relevant association to say that monogamous, gay white men are still against the norm. In general, sure, queer representation in ads and entertainment is great to see, but can that compensate for the commodification of queer identity or the use of homonormative identities to represent a much broader queer world?

Kilbourne, Jean. “Buy This 24 Year Old and Get His All Friends Absolutely Free.” Can’t Buy My Love. New York: Touchstone, 1999.


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